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Circle Woods HOA Fairfax, Virginia

Community News and Annoucements

Trash Collection

Effective December 9, 2022 Circle Woods will be using Patriot Disposal as the trash collection contractor. For more information see Trash and Recycling  Opens in a new window to external site

Architectural Guidelines

Revised Architectural Guidelines were adopted by the board on Monday May 24, 2021 and have been posted to the website at Architectural Guidelines  Opens in a new window Please see the forum for additional details.

Visitor Parking Passes

Every house should have receiving a new red parking pass in the mail. Enforcment of the new visitor Parking passes will begin on April 2, 2021.

Visitor Parking Passes

Every house will be receiving a new red parking pass in the mail soon. We have had the green passes for a long time, and it was time to do a reset for administrative reasons. Each pass will have a number that is associated with a particular address.

With the new red passes, if you report a pass missing in the future, you will be able to order a replacement for $50, but if the missing parking pass is found again, it cannot be used, as it will have been recorded as an invalidated parking pass.

The last date to use the old green tags is April 1, 2021. After that, any vehicle relying on green parking pass is subject to being towed.

Glass Recycling

Effective October 1, 2019 glass containers are no longer accepted in curbside recycling. Fairfax County Glass recycling information  Opens in a new window to external site

Community Forum

The Circle Woods Board of Directors is pleased to reintroduce a web-based community forum. The purpose of the forum is to allow the owners and residents the ability to provide comment and exchange ideas of relevance to the Circle Woods Community. To access the forum the owners and residents will have to apply for an account on the forum. The forum is moderated to ensure that the content is relevant to the community. The forum may be accessed by clicking on the forum link on the home page or by going to  Opens in a new window

Regular CWHA Board Meetings

Board meetings are held virtually via Zoom on the last Monday of each month beginning at 7PM. Here is the calendar for upcoming board meetings  Opens in a new window.

Tennis Court

The tennis court have reopened. To obtain access register with the Circlewoods Forum current combination is posted there.